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Retire with Dignity. Live with Confidence.

You should look forward to your retirement with confidence, not fear or anxiety. At David Mullins Wealth Management Group, we specialize in creating secure, dependable retirement income solutions for our clients. And we believe that you should be able to retire in a way that provides you with the comfort and dignity you deserve, without compromising your goals and dreams.

Our retirement plans are designed to help you start building wealth now, while also preparing for long-term, reliable income in the future. We help you to balance your immediate financial needs with your future needs so that when the time comes to retire, you can do so with confidence.

Ensuring Your Retirement Income Lasts

What many people don’t realize is that a reliable retirement plan is about far more than accumulating a certain amount of wealth. You also have to be able to manage that wealth so that it provides you with steady, reliable income throughout your retirement. Fears of outliving your money or experiencing difficult dips in your monthly income are valid, but we can help you overcome them.

We provide advice regarding how to diversify your investments, which retirement accounts to draw on first, when to begin taking Social Security income, and other important financial decisions that have long-term impacts on your retirement. All of our recommendations are focused on one goal: providing you with total financial security throughout your retirement years.

Smart Strategies for Passing on Your Wealth

We can also help you to plan for beyond your retirement, to the time when you pass your wealth on to your loved ones. There are many strategies for passing on your wealth, and we can help you find the right option—or combination of options—that will allow you to transfer your wealth in the most tax efficient manner. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your plans for your estate, then provide you with strategies that will allow you to provide for your heirs while ensuring your own financial security throughout your life.

A Proven Process. A Customized Retirement Plan.

Every retirement plan we offer is completely tailored and customized to fit your unique needs and retirement goals. We follow a proven process that allows us to get to know you and your circumstances, leading us to the right financial recommendations and guidance for you:

1) Gather Information – Bring any financial statement that is important to you, including mortgage statements, tax documents, 401k and IRA statements, and so on. Remember this information will remain strictly confidential and will help us paint a more complete picture of your financial life. The more you bring, the more we’ll know; the more we know, the more thorough and complete our advice and your plan will be.

2) Analyze and Prioritize – This is all about you. What is most important to you? What does a successful financial plan look like to you? You tell us your story and how you would like to see it go; we simply sit back and listen. Next, we will document your goals and, with your help, prioritize these goals based on your timeframe, needs, and wants. We will then focus our efforts on those two or three goals you most want to accomplish.

3) Chart Our Course, Develop Our Strategy – We follow a disciplined approach to developing your ideal investment strategy. We will develop a plan for your financial objectives, called your Investment Policy Statement. Consistent results require a disciplined approach. Your personalized IPS will ensure a disciplined approach is followed.

4) Implement Strategy – Utilizing state-of-the-art modeling software and cutting-edge analysis, we will select a seasoned group of complementing money managers and investment solutions designed with one singular focus in mind: to achieve your unique, ongoing financial objectives.

5) Staying on Course with Regular Check-Ins: Quarterly calls and semi-annual meetings will help ensure we stay on course. If you’ve ever been driving on the interstate in an unfamiliar place and missed a sign for a turnoff, sometimes you drive miles before you realize you missed it. These quarterly calls will provide a regular assessment to make sure we are headed in the right direction toward your individual goals—and an opportunity to change course if it’s needed.

6) Fulfilling the Promise – It is our sincere desire to surpass all clients’ expectations. We will never be too busy to return your call in a timely and professional manner. We will never make promises we can’t keep, and never be unwilling to meet you at a place and time of your convenience. We will never speak to you in a condescending manner. We will always work and advise for our clients’ best interests alone.

7) Ride the Tides and Roll with the Punches – As time passes, your goals will naturally change. Maybe we start with a goal of accumulating assets, then years later, we are looking for ways to distribute these assets most efficiently. Our annual “Life Happens” meetings will address this. In the past year, perhaps you welcomed a grandchild, married, divorced, sent a kid to college, or had an epiphany. Each year this meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss major life events that might require a shift in strategy.

Get on the Path to a Better Future

A secure, comfortable retirement doesn’t come from simply stockpiling your wealth. It takes planning, preparation, and the right strategy—and it takes time. The best time to start preparing for your retirement is now! Contact David Mullins Wealth Management Group to schedule a free consultation, and get on track towards the retirement you deserve.

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