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Mission Statement

Invest with Reason. Invest for the Future.

Our mission at David Mullins Wealth Management Group is to do more than simply help you accumulate assets. We want to help you use your wealth as a tool to build a better future. Contrary to popular belief, financial security isn’t simply about having more money; it’s about knowing how to use that money to provide you with long-term, reliable income throughout your life, no matter what life throws at you.

We are an independent wealth management firm who desire to work with a select group of clients who value a well-planned strategy versus buying a product when it comes to their investment dollars. We prefer to work with those individuals who share our philosophy that there are no shortcuts to success, only hard work, patience, and discipline.

We use our experience, knowledge, and skills to help our clients build retirement strategies that are focused on this longevity and consistency. We allow you to truly enjoy your retirement by taking away those concerns about your financial security and outliving your income. In the end, our goal is to make our clients’ lives better, and to give you permission to live life to its fullest throughout your retirement years.

Start Investing in Your Future

We’ll be here throughout your financial journey, providing the support and guidance you need.

What We Stand For

Passion: We have boundless enthusiasm for our work. It was once said, “Nothing great is ever done without enthusiasm.” We take this adage to heart and enter every relationship with a boundless enthusiasm to serve our clients every day.

Commitment: Simply put, we are committed to doing what we say we are going to do. We believe that a promise and a handshake is more forceful than any contract that can be devised. Any business relationship we accept represents a continual intellectual and emotional commitment toward the understanding of the ever-changing financial marketplace and our clients’ unique aspirations so that, together, we might achieve their individual financial goals.

Trust: We believe the only way any relationship can be successful is if it is established on a foundation of trust. We believe this trust is best established when compensation or incentives are aligned toward the progression of accomplishing a client’s goals and that conflicts of interest, which can arise from commissions being paid from recommendations, should simply not exist in an advisory relationship.

Value: We supply each client with a quantitative way of demonstrating our value. Each client receives a client relationship contract that will clearly articulate the value our firm will strive each day to provide.

Relationships: We believe in establishing lifelong, inter-generational relationships with clients who share our core set of values. In order to properly serve our clients, we feel we should share a certain set of core values so that we may “speak the same language.” We feel this “sharing of values” allows the client and the advisor to develop a stronger, deeper relationship, allowing them to connect on a level that wouldn’t otherwise would be possible.

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